How to Announce New Job on LinkedIn: Creative Examples

As soon as you say “yes” to a new job, you feel excited and want to tell everyone about it, especially on LinkedIn. Right?

There are creative ways to announce new job on LinkedIn. Either a single line or two sentences or you can use the standard job update format by LinkedIn.

In this blog, I am going to talk about the best way to let your connections and followers on LinkedIn know about your new job.

What a LinkedIn New Job Announcement Should Include…

When you make a job announcement on LinkedIn, there are a few important things you should include such as –

The name of the new job you’re starting and the company or organization you’ll be working for. This helps people know where you’ll be working and what you’ll be doing.

It’s good to talk about why you’re excited about this new job. You can mention a few aspects related to what you’ll be doing and learning further, or how it will help you grow in your career.

Thanking people who helped you get this job, like HR, mentors, or friends who recommended you and made this process easier is also a good idea.

You can also add some personal touches to make your announcement more interesting. For example, you can include a photo of yourself at your new workplace or a picture that represents the job you’ll be doing. It’s a great way to show your personality and make your announcement stand out.

5 Key Elements of Announcing New Job on LinkedIn

When you want to tell people on LinkedIn about your new job or promotion, there are five important things to include:

  1. Say thank you to the company or job you had before. It’s important to show gratitude for the experience and opportunities you had there.
  2. Tell everyone your new job title or the name of the company you’ll be working for now, using tags. This lets them know about the exciting change in your career.
  3. Give a shout-out to your colleagues or friends who supported you along the way. They helped you and it’s nice to recognize and thank them.
  4. Show appreciation for the people who work at your new company. Let them know you’re excited to join their team and work with them.
  5. Share your excitement about starting a new role or joining a new company. Let everyone know that you’re happy and enthusiastic about this new opportunity.

Creative Ways to Announce New Job on LinkedIn

When it comes to LinkedIn new job announcement, you have a few options. It’s important not to go overboard and find the best way that suits your situation.

Turning On Automatic Notifications

LinkedIn has a cool feature that tells your friends when you make big changes to your profile. So, when you add a new job, it sends a message to all the people you know on LinkedIn.

But be careful, because there are other things that can make notifications too. So, only use this feature when you’re really sure about the changes you want to make.

When you turn on this feature, it creates a special post that automatically updates everyone in your network. A lot of people on LinkedIn like or comment on these posts because they want to celebrate and be happy for you. It’s really nice, right? We suggest using this feature when you get a new job because you never know who from your past professional life might see it and want to connect with you again.

Turning off the “Open to Work” feature

Sometimes when you’re looking for a job on LinkedIn, you might see a green banner on your profile picture that says #opentowork. This banner catches the attention of recruiters and employers who are searching for new employees. (But guess what? Many people on LinkedIn actually feel happy when they can turn off this banner!)

When you find a job and no longer need to look for one, it’s a good idea to make a quick update on your profile to let your network know. You can turn off the #opentowork banner. You can tell them that you found a job and won’t be searching anymore. It’s like sharing your good news with your friends!

A New Job Announcement Post

On LinkedIn, there are posts that make people feel excited and motivated. One type of post that everyone likes is when someone starts a new journey in their job or career.

Usually, LinkedIn makes a regular post with a weird picture when someone gets a new job. But many people prefer to make their own special posts about their new beginnings. They use their own words and might even take a picture of themselves at their new workplace.

When you make this special post, it gives your new colleagues a chance to show their support and be happy for you on social media. You can tag your boss and a few coworkers, and it might even catch the attention of potential clients or partners from your network who might want to help you.

Did you know that most people on LinkedIn like to read posts without commenting or posting themselves? So, if you don’t usually post a lot, your announcement about your new job will have a bigger impact because it’s something unique and special. It’s like a special event that people don’t see every day! Let’s discover new job announcement examples on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Job Announcements Examples

A job announcement can be written in different ways, but I’ll give you a starting new position LinkedIn post example to help you understand it better.

LinkedIn Job Announcements Example 1 for School Teacher

“Hey LinkedIn friends! I have some awesome news to share with all of you. I’m super thrilled to announce that I will be starting a new job as a teacher at ABC School! 🎉 I’ll be helping kids learn new things and having lots of fun in the classroom. I want to say a big thank you to all my teachers who inspired me and supported me along the way. I can’t wait to make a positive impact on the students at ABC School. Stay tuned for more updates about my teaching adventures!”

LinkedIn Job Announcements Example 2 for Software Engineer

“I’m excited to share that I’ve joined ABC Tech as a software engineer! It’s an incredible opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies and solve complex problems. I can’t wait to collaborate with brilliant minds and build innovative solutions that will shape the future. Get ready for some tech updates and exciting projects ahead! #newrole #softwareengineer #ABCtech”

LinkedIn Job Announcements Example 3 for Product Manager

“Today marks my first day as a senior product manager at @CompanyX. I’m really excited about this new role! I’ll be working with an amazing team to lead some of our upcoming launches. I can’t wait to dig into the data and learn more about what our users need so we can deliver great results. Stay tuned for all the exciting things we’ll be doing together! #newjob #companyx #firstday”

LinkedIn Job Announcements Example 4 for Graphic Designer

“Big news! I’ve just started a new chapter as a graphic designer at DEF Studios. I’m beyond thrilled to unleash my creativity and bring ideas to life through visual storytelling. Join me on this artistic journey as we create stunning designs and inspire others. Thank you to everyone who has supported my passion for art. Let’s make magic together! #newjob #graphicdesigner #DEFstudios”

LinkedIn Job Announcements Example 5 for Social Media Professional

“I’m so excited to share that I started a new role this week: I’m the new social media coordinator at Company X. It has been an incredible first week! I’m looking forward to growing with this creative team and trying out new ideas. I want to say a big thank you to my amazing colleagues [@tag] and [@tag] at Company A. They played a crucial part in my growth and I will miss working with them. But I’m ready and excited for what’s to come! #newrole #excitingtimes”

Why Announcing New Job on LinkedIn is Important?

LinkedIn is a special website where professionals connect with each other and share information about their careers.

Announcing new job on LinkedIn has two main benefits: visibility and networking.

Visibility means that more people will get to know about you and what you do. When you announce new job on LinkedIn, it reaches a lot of people who might be interested in your work. This can help you become more well-known in your field and open up new opportunities in the future.

Networking is all about making connections with other professionals. When you announce new job on LinkedIn, you can connect with people who work at the same company or in the same industry as you. These connections can be helpful because they might become mentors who can guide you, or they might introduce you to other people who can help you in your career.

So, announcing new job on LinkedIn is a way to let more people know about your work and make important connections with others in your industry. It’s like showing everyone that you are good at what you do and are ready to learn and grow in your new job!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it Important to Use Hashtags & Tags?

When you make a job announcement post on LinkedIn, using tags and hashtags can bring some cool benefits. Let me tell you about them:
Tags: Tags are like special mentions in your post. You can mention the names of specific people or companies by using the @ symbol before their names. When you tag someone, it’s like giving them a special shout-out or invitation to see your post. They will be notified that you mentioned them, and they might even comment or like your post to show their support. It’s a great way to connect with important people in your professional life.
Hashtags: Hashtags are like labels for your post. They help organize information and make it easier for people to find posts on specific topics. When you use hashtags in your job announcement post, it helps other LinkedIn users who are interested in that topic to discover your post. For example, if you use hashtags like #newjob or #excited, people who are searching for posts about new jobs or excitement will be able to find your post easily. Using popular and relevant hashtags can increase the visibility of your post and attract more people to see and engage with it.

How do I write a new job announcement on LinkedIn?

To write a new job announcement on LinkedIn:
– Share your excitement about the new job.
– Mention the company and your new role.
– Express gratitude to previous colleagues.
– Highlight key achievements or skills.
– Engage with your network by tagging relevant people.
– Use relevant hashtags.
– Proofread before posting.
– Be responsive to comments and messages.

How do you professionally announce a new job?

To professionally announce a new job:
– Share your excitement and gratitude for the opportunity.
– Mention the company and your new job title.
– Thank your previous employer or colleagues.
– Engage with your network and tag relevant people.
– Use appropriate hashtags to reach a wider audience.
– Proofread your message before posting.
– Be responsive and engage with comments and messages.

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