Best LinkedIn Recommendation Examples: Templates for All Profiles

LinkedIn isn’t just for job hunting; it’s a great place to show off your professional skills. One way to do that is through LinkedIn recommendations. In this article, we’ll explain what they are, how to write a good one, and how to publish it.

What is a LinkedIn Recommendation?

A LinkedIn recommendation is a digital endorsement of a colleague’s expertise, skills, and character. Think of them as your modern-age references, or reviews, proudly displayed on your profile. These testimonials can originate from colleagues, managers, clients, or anyone who’s had the privilege of witnessing your professional finesse.

LinkedIn recommendations offer a visual testament to a user’s skills and qualities as they are endorsed by their professional network. They are an excellent way to build trust and credibility with potential employers, clients, or partners who visit your LinkedIn profile.

What Should You Write in a LinkedIn Recommendation?

Crafting a stellar LinkedIn recommendation is not hard. When you’re writing one of these magical recommendations, remember the following valuable points:

  1. Be Specific: Instead of saying, “They are awesome,” tell a short story about when they did something great and proved their professional expertise.
  2. Highlight Strengths: What makes this person special? Is it their hard work, knowledge, or something else? Talk about what they’re really good at.
  3. Talk About Their Character: Mention if they’re reliable, a good team player, or honest.
  4. Use Numbers: If you can, add numbers to show how good they are. For example, for a sales professional, you can say something like “They increased sales by 20%.”  
  5. Keep It Short: You don’t need to write a book. A few sentences are enough.
  6. End Strong: Finish with a sentence like “I highly recommend [Name].”

What Makes a LinkedIn Recommendation Power-Packed

A power-packed LinkedIn recommendation can make a significant difference in showcasing a person’s skills and character. Here are the key elements that make a LinkedIn recommendation stand out:

  1. Specificity: Be specific and provide concrete examples.
  2. Relevance: Tailor the recommendation to the person’s goals or context.
  3. Authenticity: Be sincere and honest.
  4. Highlight Strengths: Emphasize standout qualities and strengths.
  5. Impactful Storytelling: Use storytelling techniques to engage readers.
  6. Positive Tone: Maintain a positive and enthusiastic tone.
  7. Clarity and Conciseness: Keep it concise and well-structured.
  8. Professional Language: Use industry-appropriate language.
  9. Contact Information: Include your contact information for inquiries.
  10. Proofread: Check for grammar and spelling errors.
  11. Privacy Consideration: Respect privacy preferences.
  12. Reciprocity: Offer to write a recommendation in return if appropriate.

How do Recommendations Look on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn recommendations are displayed prominently on a user’s LinkedIn profile. They appear as individual sections within the “Recommendations” tab.

How to Publish a LinkedIn Recommendation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ideally, there are two options to publish a LinkedIn recommendation – From your own profile and from the other person’s profile. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Option 1: From Your Profile

  1. Open Your Profile: Go to your LinkedIn profile by clicking on your profile picture or name.
  2. Scroll to “Recommendations”: Scroll down your profile until you reach the “Recommendations” section.
  3. Click the “+” Sign: In the “Recommendations” section, click the “+” sign. This initiates the process of writing and publishing a recommendation.
  4. Choose “Give a Recommendation”: You’ll be presented with two options: “Ask for a recommendation” or “Give a recommendation.” Choose “Give a recommendation.”

5. Select the Contact: A pop-up box will appear, prompting you to pick the LinkedIn connection you’d like to recommend. Start typing their name, and LinkedIn will suggest connections. Select the right person and write a LinkedIn recommendation. 

Option 2: From the Other Person’s Profile

  1. Visit Their Profile: Navigate to the LinkedIn profile of the person you want to recommend.
  2. Find the “More” Button: Look for the “More” button, which is located to the left of the “Message” button, near the top of their profile.
  3. Click “Recommend”: After clicking “More,” a dropdown menu will appear. Select “Recommend” from this menu.
  4. Alternatively, Use “Recommend [Name]”: Another way is to scroll down their profile until you find the “Recommendations” section. Click on “Recommend [Name]” from there.

Please Note: Your friend or colleague can send a LinkedIn recommendation request and you can view the same in your message box and directly recommend her. 

For Both Options, Continue with:

Specify Your Relationship: You’ll be asked to specify your relationship with the person you’re recommending. Options include “Managed,” “Reported to,” “Worked with,” and more. Choose the most relevant one from the drop-down menu.

Identify Their Position: Select the position or role they held when you worked with them. This adds context to your recommendation.

Compose Your Recommendation: This is the heart of your recommendation. Craft a brief, engaging description of your experience working with this person. LinkedIn allows up to 3,000 characters, but it’s often more effective to keep it concise. Focus on their skills, contributions, and character.

Review and Edit: Before publishing, take a moment to review and edit your recommendation for clarity and accuracy.

Remember, the recommendation you write can significantly impact the person’s professional image, so take your time to provide meaningful and well-thought-out feedback. 

Once you’re satisfied, hit the “Send” or “Publish” button, and your recommendation will be visible on their LinkedIn profile for others to see.

Now, you’re ready to help your connections shine on LinkedIn! So, let’s get started and go through the top 15 best LinkedIn recommendation examples.

Best LinkedIn Recommendation Examples: 15 Templates

As you embark on this journey of crafting impactful recommendations, we present five diverse LinkedIn recommendation examples that showcase different structures and formats, each designed to resonate with your connections in a unique way.

#1 LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Team Player

I worked closely with Ember Jones for three years at [ABC Company]. Her unwavering dedication to our team’s success stood out. Ember excels at turning challenges into opportunities. In a tough project with a tight deadline, she remained calm, leading with positivity and problem-solving skills. But it’s not just her professionalism; Ember is also kind and a great mentor. If you work with her, you’ll see she is not just a colleague but a genuine team player and mentor. I wholeheartedly recommend Ember for roles valuing dedication, leadership, and a positive attitude.

#2 LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Sales Professional

Working with Ruby Martin at [B2B Company] for two years, I witnessed consistent sales excellence. In the last fiscal year, Ruby secured 150+ new clients, boosting revenue by 30%. Her strategic prowess shines. But Ruby is more than numbers; she ignites workplace enthusiasm. As a top sales performer and team player, she inspires other members as well. For a results-driven pro to elevate your sales team, choose Ruby. I wholeheartedly endorse her expertise and commitment to excellence.

#3 LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Project Manager

Working with Ash Garcia on critical projects at [Leading Software Development Company in the USA] was a privilege. Ash is a consummate professional having exceptional project management skills. He is skilled at delivering software efficiently and effectively, without going over budget or missing deadlines, even when faced with stressful situations. Ash keeps a cool head, and delivers extraordinary outcomes for each project. For efficient project management, Ash is the choice. Highly recommended!

#4 LinkedIn Recommendation Example for a Life Coach

I had the privilege of being coached by [Coach Name], and the experience was truly transformational. His/her guidance, insight, and unwavering support have been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. He/She has a unique ability to ask the right questions that challenge your thinking and inspire action. Under his/her coaching, I achieved remarkable breakthroughs. His/her commitment to helping individuals reach their full potential is inspiring. If you’re looking for a coach who can lead you to success, [Name] is the one. I highly recommend their coaching services.

#5 LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Manager

I had the pleasure of working under Russel Carter’s leadership for 2.5 years, and it was an enriching experience. Russel is a visionary manager who not only sets clear goals but also supports the team in achieving them. His ability to create a positive and collaborative work environment is commendable. Under his guidance, our team consistently exceeded targets. He is an excellent mentor who fosters professional growth. If you’re seeking a manager who combines vision with support, Russel is the ideal choice. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

#6 LinkedIn Recommendation Example for HR

Working alongside [Name] in the HR department was both rewarding and insightful. [Name] is a true HR expert with an innate understanding of people management. His/her ability to handle complex employee relations issues with empathy and fairness is remarkable. [Name] played a pivotal role in creating a positive workplace culture. He/She is not just an HR professional but a people champion who genuinely cares about the team’s well-being. For top-tier HR expertise and a commitment to employee welfare, [Name] is the go-to person. I highly recommend his/her HR skills and dedication.

#7 LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Your Boss

Having [Name] as my boss at [Company] was a privilege I’ll always cherish. [Name] is an inspirational leader who sets high standards and leads by example. Their unwavering support and guidance helped me navigate challenges and grow professionally. Under [Name]’s leadership, our team achieved exceptional results. They are not just a boss but a mentor who invests in their team’s success. If you’re fortunate enough to work under [Name]’s leadership, you’re in excellent hands. I wholeheartedly recommend [Name] as a boss and mentor.

#8 LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Marketing Professional

I had the pleasure of collaborating with [Name] on several marketing campaigns, and his/her creativity and expertise left a lasting impression. [Name] is a marketing guru who consistently delivers innovative and effective strategies. His/Her ability to connect with the audience and drive engagement is unmatched. Working with [Name] is a creative journey that leads to remarkable results. He/She is not just a marketing professional but a visionary who can take your campaigns to the next level. If you’re seeking a marketing genius to elevate your brand, [Name] is the perfect choice. I highly recommend his/her marketing skills and creative flair.

#9 LinkedIn Recommendation Example for a Software Developer

I had the privilege of working alongside [Name] on complex development projects, and his/her technical prowess is truly exceptional. [Name] consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of coding and problem-solving. His/her ability to tackle intricate challenges and find elegant solutions is impressive. Under [Name]’s guidance, our projects were not just successful but also a great learning experience. He/She is not just a developer but a mentor for aspiring programmers. For top-notch development skills and a commitment to excellence, [Name] is the developer you need. I wholeheartedly recommend his/her technical expertise.

#10 LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Graphic Designer

Collaborating with [Name] as a graphic designer was an absolute delight. [Name] possesses an extraordinary creative flair that consistently brings our design projects to life. His/Her ability to transform concepts into captivating visuals is truly commendable. Working with [Name] is an inspiring journey into the world of design. He/She is not just a graphic designer but a creative genius who can elevate your visual branding. If you’re in search of a designer who can make your ideas shine, [Name] is the perfect choice. I wholeheartedly recommend their design skills and innovative thinking.

#11 LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Customer Support

I had the pleasure of working under [Name]’s leadership in the customer support department, and it was a transformative experience. [Name] is an exceptional leader who consistently raised the bar for customer service. His/Her ability to inspire and guide the team toward excellence was truly remarkable. Under [Name]’s influence, our customer support team became more efficient and customer-focused. He/She is not just a manager but a customer support visionary. For top-notch customer service leadership and a commitment to excellence, [Name] is the manager you need. I wholeheartedly recommend his/her leadership and customer support expertise.

#12 LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Content Writer

Collaborating with [Name] as a content writer was a rewarding experience. [Name] is a wordsmith extraordinaire, crafting engaging and informative content that resonates with readers. His/her ability to convey complex ideas with clarity is impressive. Working with [Name] is a creative journey that consistently delivers exceptional content. He/She is not just a content writer but a storyteller who can captivate your audience. If you need content that truly connects, [Name] is the writer you’re looking for. I wholeheartedly recommend their writing skills and creative prowess.

#13 LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Junior

Having [Name] as a junior team member was a pleasant surprise. [Name] quickly adapted to our team’s dynamics, and his/her contributions were invaluable. His/her enthusiasm and willingness to learn were evident in their rapid growth. Under [Name]’s influence, our team benefited from fresh perspectives and a strong work ethic. He/She is not just a junior team member but a rising star who brings a lot to the table. If you’re looking for a motivated team member with a bright future, [Name] is the one. I wholeheartedly recommend his/her dedication and potential.

#14 LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Accountant

Working closely with [Name] in the finance department was enlightening. [Name] is an expert in financial precision. His/her ability to navigate complex financial data with accuracy and attention to detail is impressive. Under [Name]’s guidance, our financial records were impeccable. He/She is not just an accountant but a financial wizard who can ensure your books are in order. For top-tier financial expertise and meticulousness, [Name] is the accountant you can trust. I highly recommend his/her financial acumen.

#15 LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Quality Assurance

I had the privilege of collaborating with [Name] in the quality assurance department, and his/her commitment to excellence is remarkable. [Name] is a master of quality assurance, consistently ensuring that our products met the highest standards. His/her ability to identify areas for process improvement was invaluable. Working with [Name] elevated our quality standards. She/He is not just a quality assurance professional but a process improvement champion. For top-notch QA expertise and a dedication to excellence, [Name] is the professional you need. I wholeheartedly recommend his/her quality assurance skills.

How to Create Your Own High-Impact LinkedIn Recommendation: Tips & Tricks You Can’t Miss

To ensure your recommendation packs a punch, we’ve put together a set of tips and tricks that will make your LinkedIn recommendation practical, engaging, and distinctive.

Avoid Common Mistakes

  1. Bypass Generic Language: Steer clear of cliches and generic phrases. Your recommendation should be unique and specific to the person you’re endorsing.
  2. Zero in on Skills and Achievements: Your goal is to showcase the person being recommended. Focus on their skills and achievements that set them apart.
  3. Power Up with Verbs: Utilize strong, active verbs to describe their actions and accomplishments. This adds energy and impact to your recommendation.
  4. Add Specifics: Don’t be vague. Include specific details, such as numbers or data, to lend weight and credibility to your endorsement.
  5. Quotes and Testimonials: Consider using quotes or testimonials. These can provide an additional layer of evidence for the value of the person you’re recommending.

Making Your LinkedIn Recommendation Shine

To truly make your recommendation shine, here are some additional steps you can take:

  • Tell Stories: Use storytelling techniques to bring their accomplishments to life. Share anecdotes or real-world situations that illustrate their skills and character.
  • Highlight Impact: Emphasize the impact of their work. How did their contributions benefit the team, project, or organization? Use quantifiable results whenever possible.
  • Tailor to the Audience: Think about who will be reading the recommendation. Customize it to align with their interests and needs.
  • Stay Positive: Maintain a positive and enthusiastic tone throughout your recommendation. Positivity is infectious and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Edit and Proofread: Before hitting that publish button, carefully edit and proofread your recommendation. A well-crafted, error-free endorsement is a sign of professionalism.

With these insights in your toolkit, you’re well-equipped to write a LinkedIn recommendation that leaves a lasting impression.


What is a good LinkedIn recommendation example?

A good LinkedIn recommendation example is one that is specific, sincere, and highlights the person’s strengths and contributions in a professional context. Here’s an example:

“I had the pleasure of working closely with [Name] for three years at [Company]. During our time together, I witnessed firsthand their unwavering dedication to our team’s success. [Name] has this remarkable ability to turn challenges into opportunities. I remember a particularly tough project where we were up against a tight deadline. While the rest of us were stressing out, [Name] remained calm and collected. They led the charge, rallying the team with their positivity and problem-solving skills.”

This example is strong because it provides specific examples of the person’s qualities, actions, and impact. It’s also sincere in its praise and ends with a clear and enthusiastic recommendation. Such recommendations offer valuable insights to potential employers or colleagues reading the profile.

How do I publish a LinkedIn recommendation?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to publish a recommendation for someone on LinkedIn:
Log in to LinkedIn.
Visit the person’s profile.
Click “More”.
Select “Recommend”.
Choose your relationship.
Specify their position.
Write your recommendation – be specific and sincere.
Edit and proofread.
Set privacy preferences.
Click “Send” or “Post”.
Notify the person.

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