Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz Answers – Win Rs 15000

Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz is live on Amazon App under the Funzone section. You can play this quiz, in which you have to answer the five question. Also, you can win Rs 15,000 from this quiz.

For the second time, the Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz has been updated. The quiz features new questions, and the chosen winner will receive a new prize. The questions test your knowledge of trivial facts, and if you know the answers, Amazon will give you an Amazon Pay balance of Rs 15,000 as winning amount.

The Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz is a part of a lineup of contests and quizzes by Amazon that are similar to it, including the Amazon Music Edition Spin and Win Quiz, Amazon Holi Edition Spin and Win Quiz, Amazon OnePlus Buds Pro 2R Spin and Win Quiz, and others.

Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz answers

  • Answer 1: 3
  • Answer 2: Fear of dogs
  • Answer 3: Solid
  • Answer 4: Snow White
  • Answer 5: Horse

Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz questions and answers

Question 1: How many hearts does an octopus have?

Answer: 3

Question 2: What is “Cynophobia”?

Answer: Fear of dogs

Question 3: In what type of matter are atoms most tightly packed?

Answer: Solid

Question 4: Which Disney Princess talks to the Seven Dwarfs?

Answer: Snow White

Question 5: Which animal can be seen on the Porsche logo?

Answer: Horse

Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz Details:

Winning Prize:₹15000
Organizer: Amazon App only
Contest Date: 21st February 2023 to 6th March 2023
Winner Announcement:6th March 2023

Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz Winners Announcements

Fun Trivia quiz contest commences in India on 21st February 2023 at 12:00 a.m. to 6th March 2023 at 11:59 p.m.

The Funzone section of the app introduces the Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz along with other interesting quizzes and contests. Amazon is evaluating your knowledge on a wide range of topics with this quiz, and there is a significant prize at play. The chosen winner must, however, successfully complete all of the questions.

In Funzone, the Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz may be found under “New Games This Week.” Simply search for Funzone in the Amazon shopping app on your smartphone to locate this quiz. To start the competition, navigate to Funzone’s “New Games This Week” section and scroll down to tap on the Amazon Fun Trivia Quiz banner.

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