Why I am unable to send or receive SMS From BSNL

BSNL, or Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, is a state-owned telecom company in India. Founded in 2000, it’s among the oldest and largest service providers.

If you’re on BSNL and can’t send SMS, there could be issues. This applies to both Prepaid and Postpaid users.

BSNL faces challenges adapting to the evolving telecom landscape. Network congestion, glitches, or maintenance can disrupt SMS services.

The toll-free number for BSNL customer care number is 1800-180-1503. You can also dial 198 and address this issue to customer care and the SMS services will be restored on your phone.

How to solve the SMS not sending problem?

Top-up Recharge:

A low balance on your BSNL number can cause SMS-sending issues. Check your talk time balance by dialing *123# and recharge with at least Rs. 10. Contact BSNL customer care for guidance on the minimum recharge plan to activate your SIM card validity and SMS service.

Change Sim Preference:

If you have two SIM cards, ensure you’ve set the correct SIM card for messaging. Go to Settings > SIM cards & Mobile Networks > SMS Messages and choose the right SIM card. In some phones, adjust this setting within the Messaging app.

Clear Cache of Messaging App:

Open ‘Settings,’ go to ‘Apps,’ find the Messaging app, and open its App info. Tap on ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache.’ Check if the messages are sent after this step.

Force Stop Messaging App:

In ‘Settings,’ go to ‘Apps,’ find Messaging, and tap ‘Force stop.’ Confirm the action. Reopen the app and try sending messages.

Restart the Smartphone:

If previous steps don’t work, restart your smartphone to resolve internal misconfigurations.

Change BSNL SMS Center Number (Android & iOS):

Incorrect SMSC number settings can lead to SMS-sending issues. Update your SMSC number following the procedures for Android or iOS, depending on your device system.

Why you’re not able to send an SMS?

Reason 1: If your BSNL SMS isn’t working, it might be due to an incorrect SMS center number in your phone settings. Find the correct BSNL SMS Center Number for your state or circle and update it in your message settings.

Reason 2: Try switching your BSNL mobile network between Manual and Auto mode, restart your phone, and attempt to send an SMS.

Reason 3: Make sure your mobile has the correct Date and Time settings, as incorrect settings may affect BSNL SMS functionality.

Reason 4: If you haven’t sent any SMS from your BSNL number in the last 6 months, BSNL may deactivate outgoing SMS. Contact BSNL customer care at 198 or 1800-180-1503 to request activation.

Reason 5: If you have a new BSNL sim, you won’t be able to send SMS for the first 24 hours. This applies when you upgrade from 3G to 4G, get a new sim due to a lost or stolen phone, or switch to BSNL through Mobile Number Portability. Just wait for 24 hours before sending an SMS.

Reason 6: If you’re on BSNL 4G/LTE, switch to 3G or 2G, restart your phone, and try sending an SMS.

Why you’re not able to receive SMS?

Reason 1: It can take up to 24 hours for a new BSNL sim to begin receiving SMS; you will not receive any OTP from any provider until after 24 hours.

Reason 2: You might have enabled DND on your BSNL mobile phone.

Reason 3: Message storage may be full; remove previous text messages and check.

Reason 4: Change the network mode from 4G to 3G, restart the phone, and try again.

Reason 5: Incorrect Date and Time on Your Phone

State-Wise BSNL SMS Center Number

Andaman & Nicobar9434024365
Andhra Pradesh9440024365
Himachal Pradesh9418024365
Jammu & Kashmir9419024365
Madhya Pradesh9425124365
Tamil Nadu9443024365
Uttar Pradesh (West)9412024365
Uttar Pradesh (East)9415024365
West Bengal9434024365


  1. Dial ##4636## on the keypad.
  2. It will open the ‘Testing’ settings. Choose the relevant SIM if you have two in your Android phone (e.g., ‘Phone information1’).
  3. Scroll down and find the ‘SMSC’ option. Tap the “Refresh” button. If unsuccessful, manually type your network operator’s SMSC number for your area and tap ‘Update.’ For example, if you’re in Maharashtra, enter Maharashtra’s SMSC number.


  1. Dial 50057672*SMSCNUMBER# on your iPhone’s dialer and tap call.
  2. Replace SMSCNUMBER with your network operator’s SMSC number for your area.
  3. The message “Setting interrogation succeeded, Service Center Address” will appear on the screen.
  4. After changing the SMSC number, check if your SMS-sending problem is resolved.

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