How to Backup Microsoft Authenticator Account and Restore on a New Smartphone

Microsoft Authenticator backup and restore

Doing a factory reset on your current smartphone or switching to a new one? Here’s how to back up Microsoft Authenticator’s 2FA tokens and restore them to the new phone.

Popular2FA (multi-factor auth)software Microsoft Authenticator is used to securing Microsoft accounts with MFA and passwordless login. By enabling the creation of 2FA tokens for other apps, websites, and platforms, it also serves as a fantastic substitute for Google Authenticator. While creating authentication credentials is convenient, when you lose or replace your smartphone, things get a little more complicated. Without access to the MFA/2FA codes, it becomes difficult to regain access to the apps and services.

You must therefore have a method for regaining access to your tokens. The requirement could develop as a result of lost devices, problems, or switching to a new phone. Microsoft Authenticator has a built-in backup and restores feature in addition to the backup codes you can use. It is cloud-based, thus there is no need for manual data transfer or storage. Learn how to back up the Microsoft authenticator transfer to new phone accounts to the cloud in this guide. Additionally, we’ll discover how to restore them to a fresh or new device.

How to activate Cloud Backup of accounts in Microsoft Authenticator?

Making a backup from your old smartphone is the first step in retrieving your 2FA accounts on a new smartphone. To set up a cloud backup, adhere to these procedures.

  • Firstly, Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your Android phone.
  • Tap on the three-dot option on the right side of the header bar.
  • Then, choose the setting.
  • Click on the toggle button next to Cloud backup to enable it.
  • login to your personal Microsoft account if you are not already logged in.
  • It’s done. The backup will automatically establish a connection with your Microsoft account. The “Account credentials backed up” statement and the email you should use for recovery will be displayed in the confirmation window.

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How to Restore Microsoft Authenticator cloud backup on a new smartphone?

If you still have your previous phone, check to see if your cloud backup has been updated recently before beginning the recovery process. Activate Authenticator and select Options > Settings > Backup > Details. A recent date should be listed as the “Last updated” date. If not, synchronize the backup once more. Let’s now move on to the healing process.

  • Firstly, Open Microsoft authenticator on the new phone. Remove and re-install the app if you are already logged in to a Microsoft account.
  • Depending on the screen you are on, tap Restore from backup or Start recovery. Near the bottom of the screen, there is an option.
  • Login to your Microsoft account (or iCloud account) that contains the Cloud backup.
  • Watch for the restoration to be finished. Depending on how many accounts there are, it can take a while.
  • Pick between Setting up phone sign-in or Allowing two-step verification only. The best option if you have a Microsoft account in the app is phone sign-in.
  • Finally, The restoration will be complete in a few moments. Some of your accounts may require additional verification after the restoration.
1. Can I export the database or store a backup offline?

No, there is no method available in Microsoft Authenticator Android for creating a local backup of the database. The only way to backup auth accounts in the app is through the cloud backup feature.

2. I did not enable cloud backup, and I lost my phone. Is there any way to recover the auth token accounts?

No, Since your database was never synchronized to the cloud, there is no recovery option. Spending time regaining access to the 2FA-secured accounts will be beneficial.

3. Can I use cloud backup to sync 2FA accounts across multiple devices?

Unfortunately, the backup mainly helps in restoration. Reinstall the app, then restore from the backup using the updated accounts on all of the devices you want to sync the backup across.