How to Save Whatsapp Status Videos and Images

Have you ever come across a really cool WhatsApp Status that you wanted to save and keep, but didn’t know how to do it? You’re not alone! Many WhatsApp users face this problem every day. WhatsApp Status is a fun feature that lets you share images, videos, and GIFs with your contacts for 24 hours. But after that, the media files disappear, and you can’t access them anymore.

What do you do if you want to keep a particular status video or image that you really like? Some people take screenshots of image status updates, but that doesn’t work for video statuses.

Plus, screenshots can’t maintain the same quality as the original file.

So, the question remains: how to save WhatsApp status? Let’s dive into this and find out!

WhatsApp Status Images and Videos Can Be Saved or Copied

There are two simple methods to save WhatsApp status. The first method involves using a third-party app and the second method includes a manual process. If you need to occasionally save the image states, the latter option is ideal. Below is a detailed explanation of how to save a photo from Whatsapp:

#1 Downloading WhatsApp Status Manually

Locally on the phone, WhatsApp stores the data like WhatsApp videos and photos, WhatsApp stories, WhatsApp statuses, and status videos. Yet, these disappear within a day. To save them to a safe place, you can copy them out of the temporary folder. This is how:

You must use a File Manager application to complete this. It comes pre-installed on the majority of Android phones, such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, and OnePlus. Search for an application called “Files” or “File Manager” to find it. If not, you can download and utilize Solid Explorer or ES File Explorer. Here is the case, for example, on Nokia Android phones.

  1. Take a look at the WhatsApp video status that you want to save. The phone’s storage will create a temporary replica of the same as a result.
  2. You must enable showing hidden files in your file manager’s options. Users of Solid Explorer can use this instruction to enable hidden files.
  3. Open your File Manager application, such as Solid Explorer, Files, or File Manager.
    Set “display hidden files” to on.
  4. Go to Internal storage > WhatsApp > Media > to access the WhatsApp folder.
  5. The images or videos you want to save should be copied.
  6. Copy them and paste them into another folder.
  7. That’s it! The stored WhatsApp videos or photos will be kept on file indefinitely. By navigating to the folder where they were copied, you can access them later.

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#2 Using a Third-party App to Save WhatsApp Status

By using third-party app, you can store your friend’s WhatsApp status without having to deal with the complexities. The app will automatically gather the statuses you’ve seen and present them to you in a neatly ordered fashion.

  • Open WhatsApp and view the statuses you want to download or preserve.
  • On your Android device, Open the Play Store and install ‘Status Saver’. You may also open it in your browser or the Play Store by clicking the link here: Play Store.
  • Give the app permission to access your device’s images, media, and files. The app will read the storage in this manner in order to get WhatsApp Status photos automatically.
  • Tap the Save icon after choosing the pictures or videos you want to save.
    Any photos or videos you save will be kept on your phone’s internal storage.

These methods can help you save WhatsApp Status videos quickly and easily. However, it’s important to remember that you should only save Statuses that you have permission to save, as some videos may be protected by copyright or may contain private information.